About Us

About Us

Farnaz Pakan Gilan Manufacturing is a privately held company with the registration number of 303 and 14000071686 as the national ID. It was founded on 2001/1/30 or 1379/11/11 (Iranian calendar). We have had our ups and downs over the years, but we were able to make it with the help of our compassionate colleagues and partners. We put together a novel and general project on 2018/04/09 or 1397/01/20. Having put a great deal of effort, our managers and colleagues assembled a team with expertise, honesty, friendship, faithfulness to the work, and creative, and we produced all types of detergents and cleaners.

Our company is proud to possess an exclusive formulation, and we update and produce our products according to the customers’ preference. 

We thank God that we are doing our work in producing a high-quality product honestly and wholeheartedly. 

We would like to thank our dear partners abroad, especially Mr. Sarkis Aghabigian, as well as the CEO of Ms. Sona and voskanian Company and the head of trade and commercial relations abroad, Mr. Romanov Akachian, and our Compassionate Lawyer, Mr. Arthur Keshishian. We would also like to thank our consultant, who is in the formulation and innovation department and is also active in designing the department of Bano Ivan Larov products. 

Ms. Hajieh Bagheri Laqani is the chairwoman of the board of directors, and Dr. Farshad Ghasemlou as the CEO of the company. Mr. Mohammad Taghi Yousefi is the administrative and financial manager, and Ms. Maryam Amery as the director of domestic trade and the coordinator of foreign offices. Ms. Masih Azizniya is the director of public relations and the research and production team of the company.

We want to thank our valued partners, Mr. Farnad Ghasemlou, Dr. Farnaz Ghasemlou, and Dr. Farnush Ghasemlou, who all have made a great endeavor in producing the best detergents and cleaners. 

Farnaz Pakan Gilan


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